Losing Weight Using Meticore

The recommended dose of Meticore is (1) capsule for at least 90 days.We recommend taking the supplement a few minutes before your first meal in the morning for best results.This gives you the energy and fast metabolism you need for the rest of the day and helps you stay in shape.

However, if you find yourself losing weight faster than clinically recommended (2-3 lbs/month), consider using a lower dose of Meticore.The manufacturer recommends taking the supplement every two days or more, not just one day.

Also, consider Meticore as a dietary supplement only, not as a sole weight loss program.Replacing proper diet and exercise with Meticore may not be a wise decision.The result is weight loss that you can barely sustain.

Precautions: The manufacturer of Meticore warns against taking more than the recommended dose of 1 capsule per day.Overdose can cause extreme weight and muscle loss.